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Monday, 24 October 2011

Gift Ideas For Men!

It is always a little challenging coming up with gift ideas for the men in your life, but here are several ideas that might assist when you are contemplating good gift ideas for boyfriends or husbands. Remember to give them things that you think they would like, not what you would like! You could try the following.

·         Tickets to a sports game – If your guy likes sports, I bet he would absolutely love to have a couple of tickets to a football or rugby match, especially if you can find some good seats. You can even make a package out of it, including a shirt or jersey, or perhaps a banner and some stickers. They will thank you for it, most likely.

·         Football or rugby shirt – It may seem obvious, but guys love to sport their favourite team’s logo around, lest anyone harbour the misapprehension that they like some other team. Even if they already have a shirt, you can find one in another design or get the one they already have and treasure framed! At I Frames we offer sports memorabilia framing and much more.

·         Football shirt framing – Along those same lines, a framed football shirt is an excellent and unique gift. The frames look lovely and you can even customise them to include a plaque or programme or even a photograph. It’s a very unique gift idea, and one they would probably love you for thinking of.

·         Lingerie – Hey, it’s not all about the sports, or rather, it should be about some other sports as well. Spicing up your love life by giving them the gift of you in a sexy new outfit is a gift that keeps on giving, and one that you both can enjoy together.

·         Black cashmere scarf – Nearly every man looks good in black, and few of them take the time to appreciate the finer things in life. A cashmere scarf is both practical and good looking, and will stand the test of time for sure. This is a great gift idea for a boyfriend or husband.

·         Fixing something that is broken – Do they have something in their life that doesn’t work properly? Something on their car or a watch or a bit of electronic equipment that they just haven’t gotten round to fixing because it is too much of a bother or too expensive? Surprise them by fixing it, or getting them a new one, They will thank you for it.

·         Gym bag – Again, this one could benefit everyone, especially if they insist on walking around with a stinky, dirty, torn up gym bag. This is a very practical gift idea for either your boyfriend or husband.

·         Signet ring – This is a great idea for him because it is jewellery that is fitting for a man to wear and has historical significance. It shows that you appreciate his lineage and says that family is important to you and that you recognise its importance to him, as well.

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