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Friday, 8 June 2012

Vintage Framing!

Anything vintage is in high demand at the moment! Vintage fashion, vintage decor, vintage furnishings, vintage hair styles, no matter what it is it appears that the new generation has a fixation with anything old! It’s now classed as cool to be wearing old items or have old items in your home! Because of this vintage items can be worth a lot of money! So if you have any old sports memorabilia ie a signed football shirt or picture from the 70’s or 80’s my advice would be to get it framed and keep it safe!

Not only will it be a fantastic fashionable vintage wall accessory for your home but by framing your sports memorabilia you are also keeping it safe and in good condition so if the time ever comes when you want to sell  your sports memorabilia it will be in the best condition possible and get you a great price! If the thought of selling your sports memorabilia or signed football shirt or picture is just too much to bare then think how cool your children or grand children will think you are if you ever want to pass on to them a real piece of vintage art! To find out more about our framing services visit us online at whatever your framing nobody frames it better than us!

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